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Best & No.1 Spoken English Coaching Classes in Bengaluru (Bangalore) City

In today’s competitive world, Spoken English is considered to be the passport for a guaranteed success in life. We take pride in the fact that our course is designed to look at the language from the learners’ point of view and guide them through CO-OPERATIVE learning methods in order to master the effective communication skills in English. In short, we at Chant Review follow the MODERN FUNCTIONAL APPROACH to the study of English.

It has been designed so that people of all age groups can acquire a good knowledge of English in a short time. The prime objective of Chant Review Spoken English course is to encourage the students to learn English as a tool of communication and to enable them to understand the language comprehensively.

Our course has been divided into three convenient units of Grammar, Conversation and Vocabulary. Each unit covers one main area of learning English – explained thoroughly with examples and special attention being given to the basic skills. Carefully selected and balanced practical exercises have also been designed and included with each topic or chapter to give the learners ample practice and a complete understanding of the subject.
It deals with different kinds of communication styles from greeting, introducing oneself and congratulating, to expressing gratitude, appreciating someone and asking for help. To get a good idea about real-life situations, it provides plenty of lessons to improve conversation skills. It also has lessons needed for those who wish to join a call centre, or prepare for exams like IELTS and TOEFL to pursue higher education. Discussion and debates too form a part of this course making it a real value for money.

To top it all, we provide ACCENT improvement sessions as part of our Spoken English course, which has the potential to transform your speech much more than what you can imagine. Considering we are the ONLY institution in Bangalore providing Posh British Accent Training, you would be getting THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS.
Corporate leaders too prefer our course as they feel it to be a one-stop solution for learning English! Three Cheers to our Spoken English Team.
Now, what are you waiting for? Come, be a part of our Spoken English Odyssey and see your world transform.

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